Updated: 24-Oct-2000 Ministerial Communiqus


25 March

Final Communiqué

Chairman: Mr. J. Luns.


Discussion on co-operative programme to achieve NATO Airborne Early Warning capability - Agreement, subject to approval by competent authorities, to establish an AWACS system on cost-sharing basis - UK reserves position on best way to make its contribution.

    The Defence Planning Committee of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation met in Ministerial Session in Brussels on 25th March, 1977, to discuss a co-operative programme to achieve a NATO Airborne Early Warning capability.

  1. Ministers re-affirmed their support for the programme, and decided, subject to approval by competent authorities, that:

    1. an AWACS early warning system will be established;

    2. details of nationally suitable cost sharing and some other still open questions will be worked out rapidly;

    3. governments will take all possible steps to establish an agreed co-operative programme by 1st July, 1977.

  2. The United Kingdom Defence Minister, while endorsing fully the importance of the provision of an Airborne Early Warning System for the Alliance as a whole on the basis of collective decision and common funding, reserves the position of his Government as to the best way in which his Government could make its contribution.

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