Updated: 23-Oct-2000 Ministerial Communiqus


10th December,

Final Communiqué

Chairman: Mr. J. Luns.


Strategic aspects of NATO's nuclear defence - Doctrine for the tactical use of nuclear weapons - Planning options open to NATO.

The NATO Nuclear Planning Group (NPG), meeting in Minis- terial Session, held its sixteenth meeting today in NATO Headquarters, Brussels, Belgium.

Since its inception the NPG has contributed to the development of agreed policy concerning nuclear issues of interest to NATO. At today's meeting, the Ministers considered the strategic aspects of NATO's nuclear defence, including the current strategic balance, and they discussed various aspects of the Vladivostok agreements.

The Ministers also discussed the recent legislation in the United States calling for an examination of the doctrine for the tactical use of nuclear weapons and of NATO's nuclear posture and its connection with the on-going NPG work. They agreed on the continuing importance of such weapons within the NATO strategy of deterrence.

During the session the Major NATO Commanders briefed the Ministers on some of the planning options open to NATO. Reviewing the activities of the NPG, the Ministers reaffirmed their conviction that the NPG's work is essential in furthering NATO's strategy of deterrence which is founded upon a spectrum of credible military capabilities designed to contend with aggression on any level

Ministers agreed to hold the next Ministerial Meeting in the United States in the Spring of 1975.

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