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April 1967

Final Communiqué

Chairman: Mr. M. Brosio.


International situation - Middle East - East-West Relations - Berlin and Germany - Disarmament - Cyprus "Watching Brief" - Interim report on the Future Tasks of the Alliance - Resolution on Technological Co-operation.

  1. The Spring Ministerial Meeting of the NATO Council was held in Luxembourg on 13th and 14th June 1967.

  2. Reviewing the international situation in the light of recent developments, Ministers took note of the high degree of instability and uncertainty still existing in the world. The Council once again affirmed that the cohesion of its members remains essential for their own security and for the maintenance of peace.

  3. In accordance with their practice of consulting together, Ministers held an exchange of views on the Middle East situation following the hostilities which have once again occurred in this region. They noted with satisfaction that a cease-fire had now taken place and stressed the urgency of humanitarian efforts to alleviate the sufferings caused by the war. Member Governments expressed their determination to support all efforts to establish a lasting peace in this area and resolve the outstanding problems in a spirit of equity and in accordance with the legitimate interests of all concerned

  4. The Council discussed the question of East/West relations. With a view to improving relations and lowering tensions in Europe, governments have continued in every way possible their declared policy of seeking to develop contacts and mutually advantageous exchanges with the countries of Eastern Europe. These efforts have not always met with success. The Council therefore recorded its view that the détente should be extended for the benefit of all members of the Alliance. Ministers agreed to continue close consultation on the ways in which the policies of member countries can contribute to improved East/West relations in a framework of peace, security and stability. The Special Group on Future Tasks of the Alliance was asked to make a thorough study of these and related questions.

  5. Ministers again emphasized that the peaceful settlement of the German question on the basis of the free expression of political will by the German people was an essential factor for a just and lasting peaceful order in Europe. Ministers were informed by their German colleague of the state of relations between the two parts of Germany. They welcomed the efforts by the Federal Government to increase human, economic and cultural contacts between both parts of Germany and were agreed that this internal German process was to be considered an important contribution to the search for a détente in Europe. On Berlin, Ministers agreed that the question of ensuring the viability of that city requires special attention. They confirmed the Declaration of the Council of 16th December, 1958.

  6. Ministers expressed their concern to see progress made in the field of disarmament and arms control, including steps directed towards preventing the proliferation of nuclear weapons. If conditions permit, a balanced reduction of forces by the East and West could be a significant step toward security in Europe. A contribution on the part of the Soviet Union and the Eastern European countries towards a reduction of forces would be welcomed as a gesture of peaceful intent.

  7. Regarding Greek-Turkish relations, Ministers noted the Secretary General's report on his "Watching Brief" and invited him to continue his activities in this sphere. They expressed the hope that Greece and Turkey would resume their discussions on the Cyprus question and on Greek-Turkish relations and that these would rapidly produce positive results. They reaffirmed the importance which they attach to preserving peace and improving the situation on the Island as well as to the continued presence of the United Nations force in Cyprus while an agreed solution is being sought.

  8. Ministers took note of an interim report of the Permanent Council on the studies being undertaken on the Future Tasks of the Alliance pursuant to the Ministerial Resolution of 22nd December, 1966. They noted with satisfaction that the keen interest displayed in this study was further evidence of the vitality with which the Alliance is determined to face its tasks in the years ahead. Ministers look forward to receiving the substantive results of this study.

  9. Ministers examined the report which, at their request, the Permanent Representatives have prepared on the ways and means of implementing the proposals of the Italian Government for reducing disparities in the technological development of different countries. They adopted the attached resolution recommending the intensification both of member countries' own efforts and of international co-operation at the European and Atlantic levels and in a wider framework. The Permanent Representatives have been invited to keep under review the specific role which the Alliance can play in the field of technology and to report their findings to the next Ministerial Meeting.

  10. The next Ministerial Meeting of the Council will be held in Brussels in December 1967.

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