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Dec 1959

Final Communiqué

Chairman: Mr. P.H. Spaak.


Inauguration of Porte Dauphine building - Three day examination of the state of the Alliance - General and controlled disarmament its aim Preparation of future Summit Conference.

  1. The North Atlantic Council began its regular Ministerial Session in Paris on 15th December. At the opening meeting, which marked the inauguration of the Permanent Headquarters of NATO at the Porte Dauphine, statements were made by M. Michel Debre, Prime Minister of the French Republic and Mr. Halvard Lange, President of the Council and Norwegian Minister for Foreign Affairs.

  2. The Council devoted three days to a thorough discussion of the affairs of the Alliance, beginning with a review of the international situation. The Ministers unanimously reaffirmed their confidence in the North Atlantic Alliance, and agreed that it will remain indispensable during the coming years. They instructed the Permanent Council to undertake long telm planning, to cover the next ten years, on the objectives of the Alliance in the political, military, scientific and economic fields, and in regard to arms control.

    The Council also agreed that various economic problems, as they relate to NATO, should form the subject of further study in the Permanent Council.

  3. The Council examined the military situation. It took cognizance of the fact that Soviet military strength continues to grow. Current NATO defence plans therefore remain valid. In view of this, and in the light of the Annual Review, the Ministers agreed that a determined effort is required to guarantee the necessary strength of the Alliance. They expressed confidence that on the basis of the progress already achieved and in view of favorable economic developments in most NATO countries, this essential task is certainly within the ability of the Alliance as a whole.

  4. The Council reaffirmed that general and controlled disarmament remains the goal of the West. Every opportunity will be taken to make progress in this direction. Until this goal is achieved, however, the Alliance cannot afford to neglect the measures necessary for its security.

  5. The Ministers had a full discussion on the forthcoming negot iations between East and West and agreed on the procedures whereby NATO will continue to participate in the preparations for these negotiations. The Council will resume these discussions on December 22nd after the meeting of Heads of Government, and a second communique will then be issued.

    The Council concluded by expressing the hope that the negot iations between East and West will advance the solution of important problems and thus serve the ideals of peace and security which the Alliance has always upheld and defended.

  6. At the invitation of the Turkish Government the next Ministerial Session of the Council will take place in Istanbul in May 1960.

  1. The North Atlantic Council completed its Ministerial Session on December 22nd.

  2. The Council heard an account by the Minister for Foreign Affairs of France, speaking on behalf of the governments of the United States, France, the United Kingdom and the Federal Republic of Germany, of the conclusions reached by the Heads of State and of Government during their discussions in Paris from l9th to 21st December in regard to East West relations. During the detailed discussions which followed, the Council recognized that the views expressed by the four governments fully reflected those which had been expounded by its members on December 15th. The Council gives its full support to the position adopted by the four governments.

  3. The Council takes note of the arrangements proposed to the Soviet Government for the opening of negotiations in Paris in April. It agrees with the arrangements made to secure full consultation with all member governments during the preparation of these negotiations and undertakes to play a constructive part in ensuring their success. It instructed the Permanent Council to ensure that member governments are informed and consulted, and to make the necessary arrangements to that end.

  4. The Council heard a report from the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Italy, on behalf of the five Western members of the Committee of Ten on disarmament (Canada, France, Italy, the United Kingdom and the United States), regarding the decisions taken by them. It agrees with the five governments that March l5th should be proposed for the meeting of this Committee. It approves the arrangements made in regard to prior consultations, and instructs the Permanent Council, calling as it desires upon the NATO military authorities, to consider what further assistance it can give to the consideration of plans for controlled disarmament.

  5. While welcoming the new prospects of negotiations and agreement, the Council thinks it necessary to reaffirm the principles which it set out in its statement on Berlin of 16th December, 1958, and to emphasize once again that the Alliance must remain vigilant and strong. The Council shares the hope of the Heads of State and of Government that the forthcoming Conference will contribute to the strengthening of peace with justice.

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