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Meeting of NATO Foreign Ministers

21 September 2006 - New York City

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NATO Ministers take forward Riga agenda
Meeting in New York in preparation for the upcoming NATO Summit in Riga, Foreign Ministers addressed the Alliance’s operation in Afghanistan, enlargement of NATO, strengthening NATO’s partnerships, intensified dialogue with Georgia and the situation in Darfur.

Thursday, 21 September 2006 (GMT - 4) document photo audio
  Views of the meeting area (Waldorf Astoria Hotel)   photo  
10:30 NATO-US Bilateral meeting   photo  
Meeting of NATO Foreign Ministers      

Beginning of the meeting - no opening statement

12:45 Press conference by NATO Secretary General Waldorf Astoria - Room John Astor - 3rd floor photo .MP3/10148Kb


Media Information
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North Atlantic Council meeting at the level of Foreign Ministers
New York - 21 September 2006
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Réunion du Conseil de l’Atlantique nord au niveau des ministres des Affaires étrangères - New York - 21 septembre 2006