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Prague Atlantic Student Summit (PASS)


As NATO leaders meet to discuss future security challenges, young people who will live with the legacy of those decisions will hold their own summit. The Prague Atlantic Student Summit (PASS) conference will bring together approximately 180 university and graduate-level students from 37 European countries to discuss the future of the Alliance.

Organized by the Atlantic Treaty Association (ATA), PASS will be held during November 20-23, 2002 at various sites in and around Prague. The students will have opportunities to meet with top Alliance leaders, including Secretary General Lord Robertson; General Joseph W. Ralston, SACEUR; Czech President Vaclav Havel; and others. They will also participate in a Leadership Forum at Radio Free Europe involving heads of state from NATO candidate countries and EAPC members, as well as leading international experts and former policymakers.

In addition, PASS will include a “Model NATO simulation” which will allow the students to gain insights into the decisions and processes that are at the core of Alliance cooperation. Through these various activities, PASS will promote better understanding and closer contacts among future Alliance leaders and also provide opportunities for current leaders to engage the successor generation on key issues facing NATO in the 21st century.

Along with the ATA, the Atlantic Council of the United States is the main co-organizer, and the Center for Democracy and Free Enterprise is the local coordinator in Prague. For further information, contact:


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