Updated: 10-May-2002 NATO Documents

30 May 2001


on the South East Europe Common Assessment paper on Regional Security Challenges and Opportunities (SEECAP)

  1. We, the countries participating in NATO's SEEI, the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia as another participant in the Stability Pact and member of the SEECP, and interested NATO Allies, endorse the Southeast Europe Common Assessment Paper on Regional Security Challenges and Opportunities (SEECAP) initiated by the States of the region as a first hand perception of how these challenges and opportunities can guide our common efforts to nurture lasting peace, stability, freedom and prosperity in the region, taking full advantage of our diversity.
  2. We declare that no country of Southeast Europe poses a military threat to any other. We pledge to uphold each State's sovereignty and territorial integrity. We are committed to government based on rule of law and safeguarding the rights and freedoms of all people as part of a larger Euro-Atlantic area in which leaders are democratically elected and wars are unacceptable.
  3. While each country's situation is different and not all challenges affect all countries, instability in one can have wide-ranging effects. Security, therefore, is indivisible, and we will look for cooperative means to achieve our shared goal of building security and stability throughout Southeast Europe.
  4. By working cooperatively to build security and stability, regional countries strengthen their efforts to pursue integration into Euro-Atlantic and European structures, including NATO and the European Union.
  5. The SEECAP is yet another milestone demonstrating the growing level of co-operation in Southeast Europe. It is the first comprehensive common document on perceptions and priorities to build a secure, stable and indivisible Euro-Atlantic area. The SEECAP will not only enhance political openness, but will also promote increased cooperation in defense and security sector reform, economic and democratic development and environmental protection.
  6. Stability in Southeast Europe faces immediate challenges, in particular from those who resort to violence or non-constitutional means for their political purposes. We strongly condemn such acts and we will work together to counter armed extremism and eliminate the conditions that have given rise to it, in accordance with international principles and the rule of law.
  7. We welcome the recommendations of the SEECAP. In pursuit of these recommendations, consultations will begin on the means for developing transparency and practical contacts between security-related agencies in Southeast European countries.
  8. History has taught us that we can best enhance security and stability by acting together, and in coordination with NATO and the wider Euro-Atlantic community of democracies. In addressing the challenges that remain, we declare our common resolve to foster peace, security and prosperity throughout Southeast Europe.

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