Updated: 22 April 1999 TV Schedule

Friday NATO TV Tentative Schedule

8:00:00 Sign on
8:00:30 Welcome to NATO-TV, Peter Daniel English 2:30 French 3:00
8:06:00 Leaders arrival edited package time tbd
9:00:00 Live NATO Leaders arrive at Mellon
9:15:00 Live First meeting of NATO leaders in Pavilion Room
Remarks by NATO Secretary General and President of the United States (POTUS)
12:30:00 Live-pre-Mellon ceremony
13:00:00 Live - NATO 50th Anniversary commemorative broadcast
14:30:00 Event concludes
15:00:00 Press conference by NATO Secretary General Javier Solana - ITC Amphitheater

Various Press Conferences tbd
15:30:00 Live NATO House & Senate leadership reception
18:30:00 Live White House dinner
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