Updated: 22 April 1999 Press Info

  • Open Letter by the Secretary General to Journalists attending the Washington Summit Meetings (.PDF/12Kb)

  • Profile of the Secretary General of NATO, Dr. Javier Solana (.PDF/8Kb)

  • The Accession of the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland (.PDF/11Kb)

  • NATO's Open Door Policy (.PDF/10Kb)

  • Development of the European Security and Defence Identity (ESDI) within NATO (.PDF/8Kb)

  • NATO's role in Bosnia and Herzegovina (.PDF/8Kb)

  • Further development of the EAPC (.PDF/10Kb)

  • Partnership for Peace - an Enhanced and more Operational Partnership (.PDF/9Kb)

  • NATO and Russia (.PDF/12Kb)

  • NATO and Ukraine (.PDF/11Kb)

  • Mediterranean Dialogue (.PDF/10Kb)

  • What is NATO? (.PDF/14Kb)

  • NATO Summit Meetings (.PDF/11Kb)

  • The Strategic Concept (.PDF/6Kb)

  • Reform of NATO's Integrated Military Command Structure (.PDF/8Kb)

  • The Combined Joint Task Forces Concept (.PDF/11Kb)

  • Civil Emergency Planning in the Framework of the EAPC (.PDF/14Kb)

  • The NATO Science Programme bringing Scientists together for Progress and Peace (.PDF/12Kb)

  • Quick Guide to Key NATO Acronyms and Expressions (.PDF/16Kb)

  • NATO's role in Relation to the Conflict in Kosovo (.PDF/13Kb)
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