11 June 1998

Family Portrait

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Please credit NATO photos.

(200 dpi - 2010 x 1530 - 492Kb)

(200 dpi - 2010 x 1280 - 292Kb)

Back row, left to right:
Michal Lobkowicz, Minister of Defence, Czech Republic
Gyrgy Keleti, Minister of Defence, Hungary
Janusz Onyszkiewicz, Minister of Defence, Poland
Middle row, left to right:
Ambassador G. Errera, Permanent Representative, France
Ambassador von Richthofen, Permanent Representative, Germany
Apostolos Tsohatzopoulos, Minister of Defence, Greece
Thorsteinn Inglfsson, Permanent Representative, Iceland
Beniamino Andreatta, Minister of Defence, Italy
Alex Bodry, Ministre de la Force Publique, Luxembourg
Joris Voorhoeve, Minister of Defence, The Netherlands
Dag Jostein Fjrvoll, Minister of Defence, Norway
Jos Veiga Simo, Minister of Defence, Portugal
Front row, left to right:
Jos Cutileiro, Secretary General WEU
Hans Hkkerup, Minister of Defence, Denmark
Arthur Eggleton, Minister of National Defence, Canada
Jean-Pol Poncelet, Ministre de la Dfense Nationale, Belgium
Javier Solana, NATO Secretary General
William Cohen, Secretary of Defense, USA
Ambassador Sir John Goulden, Permanent Representative, United Kingdom
Ismet Sezgin, Minister of National Defence, Turkey
Eduardo Serra Rexach, Minister of Defence, Spain

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