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No. 6 - Nov.-Dec. 1997
Volume 45

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Focus on NATO

  1. NATO Spokesman's statement on SFOR support for the Republika Srpska elections

  2. NATO Calendar of Meetings, December 1997

  3. Inaugural meeting of NATO-Ukraine Commission

  4. SFOR steps up implementation

  5. First NATO-Russia Permanent Joint Council Meeting at Ministerial level, New York, 26 September 1997

  6. New Director of Information and Press

  7. New premises for NATO Defense College

  8. New Permanent Representative of Turkey

  9. New Belgian Permanent Representative

  10. Statement by NATO Secretary General following the death of Kyiv Information Officer


Letter from the Secretary General
NATO-Russia relations: On track


Towards a European Security model for the 21st century
Niels Helveg Petersen


Romania sets its sights on NATO membership
Constantin Ene


Will the US Senate endorse NATO's enlargement?
Stephen Cambone


Taking up the challenge of CFE Treaty adaptation
Crispin Hain-Cole


Combined forces support: The evolution in military (intelligence) affairs
Commander Eileen Mackrell


Is there still a role for nuclear deterrence?
Walter Slocombe


National security concepts in Central and Eastern Europe
Jan Arveds Trapans


Science for Peace: NATO's new cooperative programme with partners
Jean-Marie Cadiou

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Beginning with the first issue of 1998, NATO Review will become a quarterly publication. The first issue will be Winter 1997-98, published at the beginning of the year, followed by issues in Spring, Summer and Autumn.

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