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No 5 - Sept.-Oct. 97
Volume 45

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Focus on NATO

  1. Accession talks begin with the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland.

  2. Secretary General's remarks to the press during the visit of the Albanian Prime Minister on 10 September

  3. New Assistant Secretary General for Political Affairs

  4. NAA's Mediterranean Special Group

  5. New Permanent Representative of Canada

  6. NATO Defense College publication

  7. Statement by the North Atlantic Council on the situation in Republika Srpska.


Letter from the Secretary General
Transatlantic relations:
Preparing for the future.


Poland in NATO -
Opportunities and challenges
Aleksander Kwasniewski


NATO and the Czech Republic:
A common destiny

Vclav Havel


Hungary's contribution
to European security

Lszl Kovcs


Transatlantic relations: Stormy weather on the way to enlargement?
Stanley Sloan


Rebalancing transatlantic relations
Klaus Francke


NATO at the millennium: New missions, new members... New strategy?
Paul Cornish


Recognising the role of women
in NATO's military forces

Major General Marcelite Harris


The new Ukraine-NATO partnership
Ihor Kharchenko


What comes after Madrid?
A view from Helsinki

Pauli Jrvenp


NATO's Headquarters celebrates 30 years in Belgium
Erik Derycke

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