Table of Contents

No 6, November 1996

European Security Erick Derycke
Belgium's contribution to security in the Euro-Atlantic Area

Flavio Cotti
The OSCE's increasing responsibilities in European security

Hans Haekkerup
An open NATO

Sadako Ogata
UNHCR in Bosnia: an uphill struggle 11 months after Dayton

Chris Donnelly
Defence transformation in the new democracies

Ignac Golob
Preparing for membership: Slovenia's expanding ties to NATO

Jaap Ramaker
Towards a nuclear test ban treaty

Djoumakadyr Atabekov
The Kyrgyz Republic and NATO: a formula for cooperation

Focus on NATO

  1. BENELUX and Belgian-French cooperation agreements
  2. IFOR support for the Bosnian Elections
  3. Editor of NATO Review retires
  4. Defence Ministers meet in Bergen
  5. Defence Research Group seminar on non-lethal weapons
  6. PfP exercise Artic-Sarex '96