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What more needs to be done to better integrate women in security? And how can men help? We ask some women who know the difficulties what they would change and how they think this could impact the wider world.
Women's fight for better treatment starts early. From lack of education, to gender violence through to being responsible for the next generation, this photostory sets out some of the challenges the world's women face.
Mrs. Lena Olving
Lena Olving is COO for defence and security company Saab. She has also been voted Sweden's most powerful businesswoman. What advice does she have for women who want to make it in security?
What's it like to be a young woman rising up the ranks of the security world? We asked Ioanna Zyga, who has worked at both NATO and the European Parliament about her experiences - and whether she sees it as still a male-dominated world.
If you have ever doubted that women suffer most from conflict, this short video will show you some figures that may make you think again.
We ask women how they got interested in security issues, whether they've been victims of stereotyping and what personal experiences have struck them.
NATO has a well established partnership programme with several North African countries bordering the Sahel region of Africa. But as the region witnesses more high profile instability, could NATO play more of a role asks Paul Pryce?
Ahmad Nader Nadery
Four prominent Afghans give their views on the country’s elections, priorities, women’s rights and fight against corruption.
Video Afghanistan
Imagine being an Afghan-American in September and October 2001. Both your countries were attacked. One by the other. How did Afghan-Americans react? Where were their allegiances? And what could they do to help both countries? We asked an Afghan-American how he dealt with this dilemma.
2. Children in school
In 2008, NATO Review asked award-winning Afghan blogger Nasim Fekrat to illustrate how he saw his country. This month, as the country marks the 10th anniversary of the start of operations to oust the Taliban, we ask him what the biggest changes have been in the Afghanistan he knows.
gerome_violencewomen_R_Jorge Silva_1.jpg
The availability of small arms increases sexual violence against women, so international action is needed, argues Rebecca Gerome
1. North-Korea
What have we learned in security in 2010? We present a short picture story with some of the main events from the year - some of which may provide lessons for 2011.
Margot Wallstrom, the UN's special envoy on sexual violence in conflict, outlines the major problems facing women in conflicts, why prosecutions are vital and her disappointment at progress so far.
Image Women and security video 3
NATO is changing to adapt to a new century, new challenges and new attitudes. How much can women expect to be part of NATO's vision for the future?
Image Women and security video 2
How much have women been able to make their mark on security? What kind of progress has there been in the last 10 years? We ask some women who have been able to get to the top how they see women's role in security.
WomenSecurity Video 1 image
It's been 10 years since the UN called for more women in conflict resolution, more respect for women's rights in conflicts and more women's perspectives in peacekeeping. How much has changed?
women in congo
How much progress is there in the fight to empower and protect women in the Democratic Republic of the Congo? The Collective of Congolese Women for Peace and Justice tell Terra Robinson their story.
The man seen as the 'architect' of UNSCR 1325 outlines where progress has been made in the last 10 years - and what remains to be done
NATO Review talks to Afghanistan's first and only female Governor about how the country sees women, religion - and tourism.
0102-28 - debate
Vicki Nielsen examines how far women have been integrated in NATO forces.
Siegfried Sassoon
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