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How does a rear admiral who has been in the navy for over 30 years feel that the situation at sea is changing? Jorgen Berggrav answers questions about threats, how to deal with them and the changes needed to meet them.
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NATO Review spends a day with Operation Active Endeavour to see how it keeps a close eye on the Mediterranean Sea - and how it's used.
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Taking on a pirate's mothership is no easy task. In this video teaser, the planning and execution of the disruption of pirate operations, as well as the destruction of a pirate mothership, is played out.
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There has not been a single incident of terrorist arrests in the Mediterranean since the beginning of counter-terrorist operations started there in 2001. Here, a member of the operation explains how the sea is kept safe.
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Lord Levene, Chairman of Lloyd's of London, outlines how he sees the major threats to shipping and the impact of piracy on the ships carrying the world's trade.
Is it really the end of the naval era? Could there be more lawless areas of sea in the future? And how will climate change affect the maritime situation. Diego Ruiz Palmer looks into the issues.
Operations at sea have helped created an increasing number of new partners. Here Ed Schmoker outlines how North Africa, Europe and the US have been brought together by working together on the Mediterranean sea
Diego A. Ruiz Palmer looks at the growing risks posed at sea, how NATO has reacted and what it needs to do to ensure it keeps pace with a changing maritime risk environment.
Predictions that the next major war will be over water are common. But is this realistic? Bezen Balamir Coskun looks at the type and level of conflicts water shortages are likely to cause.
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