he next issue of NATO Review will see many changes.

First, it will be published 10 times a year in 2008.

Second, it will be shorter and sharper, with about five articles per issue.

And finally, it will be more interactive, making increasing use of new technologies which give you, more of a say in what you get and how you get it. This interactive element will also be used to get feedback from you on what you'd like to see feature more (or less) in NATO Review.

The first issue of NATO Review in 2008 will come out in February. Fittingly, the issue will concentrate on new and developing forms of communication.

With many soldiers uploading videos of their operations directly onto websites, how can the story of military operations still be controlled? Can recent restrictions imposed on how some soldiers distribute their stories work? What effect does this have on winning hearts and minds?

We will be looking at strategic communications in the context of 2008 and analyse where it is leading. In the meantime, a happy and peaceful New Year.

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