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Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe
Deputy Chief of Staff

Vice Admiral Roberto Cesaretti

2002 -

Vice Admiral Cesaretti was born in Rome on 13 April 1945. He joined the Italian Naval Academy in 1964 and graduated as Ensign in July 1967.

After graduating as pilot he received several appointments on-board ships as well as anti-submarine Air Combat Groups. In 1976 he served as Commanding Officer of minesweepers 'Mango' and 'Sandalo' and, subsequently, of the Hydrofoil craft 'Sparviero'.

In 1978 he was assigned to the Italian Navy Aviation Inspectorate as head of the Telecommunications and Naval Personnel Section. He then progressed to the Navy General Staff in Rome where he held the position of Head of the Naval Aviation Plans in the Plans and Operations Division.

In 1984 he commanded the frigate ZEFFIRO.

In 1989/90 he attended the Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island, USA.

In 1990-91 he commanded the aircraft carrier GARIBALDI and has been appointed Commodore of the 43rd NAVOCFORMED activation.

Following attendance at the Joint Centre of High Defence Studies in Rome, he was promoted to Flag rank on 31 December 1994.

As Flag Officer his appointment at the Navy General Staff was Head of PIO.

From October 1999 to October 2000 he was appointed as COMFORAL (Command of the Italian Blue Water Surface Forces).

From November 2000 to September 2002 he was appointed as Head of Plans and Policy Division and subsequently Head of the General Affairs and External Relations Division at the Italian Navy General Staff.

Promoted Vice Admiral on 1 January 2002 he assumed the position of Deputy Chief of Staff, SHAPE on 8 October 2002.

Vice Admiral Cesatetti holds a degree in Maritime and Navel Science. He has been awarded the distinctions of Officer of the Order of Merit of Republic of Italy, "St. Maurice" medal, Gold Medal for long Air Navigation in the Naval Aviation and the Gold Cross with Star for Duty Seniority.

Vice Admiral Cesaretti is married to the former Nicoletta Cherubini and they have two daughters - Laura and Elena.

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