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NATO Deputy Secretary General

Alessandro Minuto Rizzo

Alessandro Minuto-Rizzo
2001 - 2007

Present duties 

A strong focus on strategic outlook and negotiations in complex issues.

High level contacts and negotiations with Goverments and International Organizations.

Special attention on Partners, Mediterranean and Gulf countries.

Chairing the North Atlantic Council and various senior Committees.

Frequent Public Diplomacy activities to discuss policies and open issues. Public speeches.

A supervisory role on internal management; reviews of various functions of the Organization (i.e. review of NATO’s Agencies).

A habit to deal with issues cutting accross geographic and thematic areas.

Interacting with very different interlocutors worldwide.

He has the full rank of Ambassador.

He has a solid background acquired holding positions of responsibility in various fields such as economic and industrial affairs, aerospace, transport and energy, trade, regional policy

He promotes change. He advocates sense of purpose accountability and results. 

Previous Positions:

Ambassador of Italy to the Western European Union and to the Committee for Policy and Security of the European Union

Diplomatic Counsellor of the Minister of Defence (defence policy; defence industry) 1997 - 2000

Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Coordinator for European Union Affairs

1996 - 1997

Diplomatic Counsellor of the Minister for the Budget and Economic Planning (Structural funds, cohesion policy, state aid, Presidents of Italian regions)

1992 - 1996
Diplomatic Counsellor of the Minister for Coordination of European Policies 1995-1996
Minister Plenipotentiary Jan 1992
Paris OCDE-ESA: Minister Counsellor 1986-1992
Head of the Desk for EEC External Relations (trade and institutional issues) 1981 -1986
Directorate for Economic Affairs: Head of the Desk for Eastern Europe 1980-1981
Prague: Counsellor 1975-1980
Washington, D.C.: Second and First Secretary 1972-1975
Ministry for Foreign Affairs: Directorate of Cultural Affairs 1969-1972

ISPI: Institute for International Policy, Milan

Various articles : Aspenia, The International Spectator, Relazioni Internazionali, Mediterranean Quarterly Review, etc.

Positions in International and National Bodies:

Head of the delegation to the European Committee for financing transport projects in the European Union

Chairman of the Administrative and Financial Committee of the European Space Agency (elected) 1994-1996

Member of various panels to verify the implementation of investment projects.

Chairman of the Committee for Territorial Development (E.U.) 1996
Intergovernmental Committee for Economic Planning: author of the Report on the feasibility of a space launcher 1995
Member of the French-Italian Management Board of the high-speed project Lyon-Turin 1995-1998
Personal Representative of the Prime Minister for the Trans-European Networks and their negotiations (transport, energy) 1994-1995
Member of the Management Board of the Italian Space Agency 1994-1995
Delegate to the Council of the European Space Agency 1986-1992
Chairman of the "Committee for the commercialisation of space telecommunications"  
Chairman of the Assembly of the Parties of Eutelsat 1989
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