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NATO Secretary General's Special Representative for the Causasus and Central Asia

Robert F. Simmons Jr.

2004 -

Robert Simmons was appointed Deputy Assistant Secretary General of NATO for Security Cooperation and Partnership in September 2003. As Deputy Assistant Secretary General, he is responsible for NATO-Russia and NATO Ukraine relations, Euro-Atlantic Integration and Partnership, and relations with other organisations, including the European Union. In addition, in September 2004, the Secretary General designated Mr Simmons as the Secretary General’s Special Representative for the Causasus and Central Asia.

Prior to joining the NATO International Staff, Mr. Simmons served as Senior Advisor to the United States Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs on NATO. As Senior Advisor, Mr Simmons played a significant role in developing U.S. policy on the full range of NATO and European security issues. He was the U.S. representative to the NATO Senior Politico Military Group on Proliferation (SGP) created by the 1999 Washington Summit WMD initiative and served on various NATO-Russia fora.

Prior to this assignment, Mr Simmons served as Deputy Director of the Office of Regional Political and Security Issues in the Bureau of European Affairs. During the period he was Deputy Director, he managed U.S. policy in connection with NATO, the OSCE, and European security architecture. The issues he covered included NATO enlargement; NATO adaptation, including the creation of EAPC and PfP; and the development of the role of the OSCE. Previously he was assigned as Deputy Political Advisor to the U.S. Mission to NATO and U.S. Representative to the NATO Political Committee.

Mr Simmons had served as the senior Arms Control and Disarmament Agency (ACDA) Representative to the negotiations which resulted in the 1987 Treaty on the Elimination of U.S. and Soviet Intermediate Range Weapons (the INF Treaty) and was the U.S. chairman of the Verification Working Group. After the INF Treaty’s entry into force, he was the Deputy U.S. Representative to the Special Verification Commission created to implement the Treaty. Mr Simmons was assigned to the U.S. Embassy in Pakistan in 1993-95. From 1980 to 1984, he was seconded to the NATO International Staff where he worked in the Disarmament and Arms Control Section of the Political Affairs Division.

Mr Simmons has received the U.S. State Department’s Superior Honor Award four times, and for his work on the INF Treaty he received ACDA’s Meritorious Honor Award.


  • Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service (BSFS), Georgetown University, Washington, DC
  • MA, The School of Advanced International Studies, The John Hopkins University, Washington, DC