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NATO Permanent Representative of Turkey

H.E. Ambassador Ahmet zmc

2002 - 2004

Mr. Ahmet Üzümcü was born in Armutlu, Turkey on 30.08.1951.

In 1975, he graduated from the Faculty of Political Sciences,
Ankara University.

He speaks English and French.

Mr. Üzümcü is married with one daughter.

Previous positions :

14.06.1976-01.11.1976 Attaché at the Protocol Dept., MFA
01.11.1976-31.01.1978 Military Service
31.01.1978-30.09.1979 Attaché, later Second Secretary at the Bilateral Cultural Relations Dept., MFA
30.09.1979-29.09.1982 Second, later First Secretary, Turkish Embassy in Vienna
29.09.1982-01.10.1984 Consul, Consulate General in Aleppo, Syria
01.10.1984-22.09.1986 Chief of Section, Personnel Dept., MFA
22.09.1986-01.10.1989 Counsellor, Turkish Delegation to NATO
01.10.1989-03.10.1994 Member of International Staff, NATO
03.10.1994-30.09.1996 Head of Department, NATO Dept., MFA
30.09.1996-25.07.1999 Minister, Head of the Personnel Dept., MFA
28.07.1999-30.06.2002 Ambassador of Turkey to Israel

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