Permanent Representative of Portugal to NATO

Manuel Tomás Fernandes Pereira

2006 -

Born in Lisbon, 2 April 1947;

Graduated in Law at the Lisbon Faculty of Law in 1971;

Joined the Portuguese Diplomatic Service in March 1972;

Promoted to Third Secretary of Embassy, July 1974;

Posted to the Embassy of Portugal in Brasília, September 1974;

Promoted to Second Secretary of Embassy, December 1974;

Posted to the Portuguese Delegation to NATO (Brussels), December 1978;

Promoted to First Secretary of Embassy, April 1979;

Chief of Cabinet of the Secretary of State of Foreign Affairs, July 1982;

Head of the Office of the Secretary-General, March 1984;

Promoted to Counsellor of Embassy, September 1984;

Director of the Department of Defence, Security and Disarmament, March 1986;

European Correspondent/Advisor to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, January 1990;

Promoted to Minister Plenipotentiary, August 1990;

Deputy Director-General for Bilateral Affairs, December 1994;

Director-General for European Community Affairs, April 1995;

Ambassador of Portugal to Pretoria, November 1997;

also accredited to Gaborone and Maseru;

Promoted to the rank of Ambassador, December 1998;

Director-General for Political Affairs, November 2003.

Married to Maria José Morais Pires