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NATO Permanent Representative of Norway

Ambassador Leif Mevik

1992 - 1998

Born in 1930

Married to Ragnhild Mevik, has two children.

Career :

  • Studies of languages, literature and history at Wadham College, Oxford, and the University of Oslo.
  • Graduated from the University of Oslo in 1957 as an English Literature Major.
  • College instructor in Ethiopia.
  • Accepted into the Norwegian Foreign Service.
  • Served with the Norwegian Delegation to the United Nations and with the Norwegian Embassy in Prague.
  • Has held positions as Head of the Soviet and East European Division and Deputy Director General of the Political Department in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Oslo.
  • Since 1972 primarily engaged in questions of East-West Security, Co-operation and Arms Control.

    In this capacity i.e. :

    • Head of the Norwegian Delegation to the Geneva negotiations on the CSCE Final Act with the rank of Minister Counsellor;
    • Appointed Ambassador in 1977;
    • Head of the Norwegian Delegation to the CSCE Follow-up Meeting in Belgrade, Madrid and Vienna;
    • Head of the Norwegian Delegation to the Conference on Disarmament in Europe (CDE) In Stockholm;

  • Ambassador to Spain in 1988.
  • Has published a number of articles on European Security and Co-operation, on Arms Control Issues and Human Rights.
  • Also published articles on Literary Subjects. Published two books on the CSCE. Decorated with the Order of St. Olav and with Das große Verdienstkreuz mit Stern (from the Federal Republic of Germany).

Ambassador Mevik took up his function on 5th October 1992.

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