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24 Feb. 1998

Minister of Defence of Turkey

Ismet Sezgin

1997 -

Born in Aydm in 1928, Ismet Sezgin completed his higher education at school of Ecomics and Trade in Izmir and also presided over the Students' Union during his education. Between the years 1948 and 1950, he entered politics in Democratic Party (DP).

During his following years in Denizli, Mr. Sezgin both worked in the banking sector and functioned as a member of DP County Executive Board. He was elected as the mayor of Aydin, in 1955. 1961 was the year when he set up the city organization of the Justice Party in Aydm, and was elected MP for this city. He carried on with this post until September 12, 1980. In due course, he also worked as the Deputy Chairman and the General Accountant for the Justice Party.

Between the years 1969 and 1971, he set up the Minister of Youth and Sports, and then served as the Minister of Finance between 1979 and 1980.He worked as the Chief of Budget Planning and Joined Commission, and as General President of Turkish Municipality Association. Mr. Segzin founded The True Party in 1983 with his friends, and right after the abolishment of anti-election law in 1991, he was again elected MP for Aydm from The True Party. Subsequently, he was appointed as Minister of the Interior and later worked as the Spokesman of the Turkish Grand National Assembly.

He resigned from his party in July 1996 due to the opinion difference occurred. He next founded the Democratic Turkey Party with his friends. He is already MP for Aydm from DTP, and serves both as the Deputy Chief and the President for the Political Affairs and organisation of this party. In the 55th Government that was formed under the premiership of Mr. Mesut Yilmaz on June 30, 1997, Mr. Sezgin started to work as the Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Defence. He is married and has two children.

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