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24 Feb. 1998

Minister of Defence of Spain

Eduardo Serra Rexach

1996 -

Profession: Legal Adviser for the Public Administration
Date of Birth: December 19th, 1946 - Madrid
Marital Status: Married, One son


  • Primary and Secondary School at the Instituto Ramiro de Maeztu in Madrid

  • Graduated in Law by the University Complutense, Madrid

Professional Background

Entered the Corporation of Government's Attormeys as num. 1 of his promotion

Head of Staff of the Minister of Industry and Energy.

General Secretary of the Council Board of the National Industry Institute.

Under-secretary of State for the Defence.

Secretary of State for the Defence.

In July 1987 he was appointed Director General of the Foundation for Assistance against Drug addiction (F.A.D.), having been executive Vice-president and its President since March 1996.

In April 1988 he was appointed Chairman of the Council Board of Telettra Espana, S.A. until June 1991.

From its beginning in 1991, he was member of the Council of Desaflo Espana Copa Amrica, being its Chairman from May 1991 until its end in May 1992.

In May 1989, he was appointed Vice-president of Cubiertas y MZOV, being its Chairman from February 1991 to January 1995.

From July 1988 he was Vice-president of the Institute of Foreign Affairs and Policy, I.N.C.I.P.E. (Formerly, Centre for the Foreign Policy Studies, C.E.P.E.), having been appointed its Chairman in July 1993, until May 1996.

In March 1992 he was appointed Chairman of Peugeot Talbot Espana, S.A. until May 1996.

On January 1995 he was appointed Chairman of Airtel Mvil, S.A.., until May 1996.

In May 1996, he was appointed Minister of Defence.

Former Member of the European Academy of Science and Arts.

Former advisor and counselor of various institutions.

He has been decorated with several badges and crosses.

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