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24 Feb. 1998

Minister of Defence of Denmark

Hans Haekkerup

1993 -

Hans Haekkerup was born on 3 December 1945 in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen, Denmark. Hans Haekkerup is son of former Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Economic Affairs Per Haekkerup and Greta Haekkerup, former member of the Presidium of the Danish Parliament, Folketinget.

Mr. Haekkerup graduated as Master of Arts, Economics, from the University of Copenhagen in 1973.

Mr. Haekkerup served as language officer (Russian) 1966-1972, Prince Life Regiment, and was promoted First Lieutenant (R) in the Army in 1972.

Mr. Haekkerup was employed as Secretary and Head of Section at the Ministry of Social Affairs 1973-1976, Head of Section at the Ministry of Education 1976-1977, Head of Section at the Ministry of Labour 1977-1979. He was employed as Professor at the Danish School of Administration 1977-1980 and Economist at the Civil Servants Organization 1981-1985.

Mr. Haekkerup has an extensive political career starting as an active member of the Social Democratic Youth Organization DSU in 1960, Chairman of the Party District Ostbanekredsen 1972-1974, member of the Executive Committee of the Social Democratic Party 1974-1979.

Mr. Haekkerup was elected Member of Parliament in 1979 and has held several committee memberships such as the Committee on Danish Security Policy, the Committee on Greenlandic Affairs, the Committee on Foreign Affairs, and the Committee of Foreign Policy. He has been member of the Defence Committee since 1987, and served as Chairman of the Defence Committee 1991-1993.

Mr. Haekkerup was elected member of the Danish delegation to the North Atlantic Assembly (NAA) in 1978, President of the Socialist Group in the NAA 1992-1993, and appointed rapporteur of the NAA Working Group on Northern Security in 1990. He was appointed member of the Danish Defence Commission of 1988, and has been member of the Board of the Danish Center of Human Rights 1987-1993.

Mr. Haekkerup is married to Lisa Haekkerup, also a Social Democratic Member of Parliament. The Haekkerups have three sons, and their residence is located in Central Copenhagen.

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