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Apr. 1999

Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe

Colonel Konrad Freytag

Colonel Konrad Freytag has been Chief of Public Information, Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE), Belgium, since 1 October 1996. Prior to that, he served since October 1992 as Chief, Public Information Office, Military Region Berlin.

Born on 21 July 1941 in Gross Santersleben (near Magdeburg, former German Democratic Republic), Colonel Freytag received an Abitur-degree from Magdeburg's Otto-von Guericke-Oberschule in 1958 and began university studies (pharmacy) in Magdeburg. Following escape to the Federal Republic of Germany in 1960, he graduated in pharmacy from Hamburg University in 1963 after which he joined the German Air Force. His assignments include:

1965 Second Lieutenant, Platoon Leader (Basic Training Regiment), Pinneberg, Germany
1967-1971 Interpreter and Public Information Officer in Italy (Air Weapons Training Installation, Decimomannu, Sardinia)
1971-1974 Squadron Commander (Air Transport Wing 63), Rendsburg, Germany
1974-1978 Public Information Officer at Headquarters 4th Allied Tactical Air Force, Ramstein, Germany
1978-1982 Lecturer for Military Public Affairs, German Armed Forces Command and General Staff College (Fhrungsakademie), Hamburg, Germany
1982-1987 Media Staff Officer, Public Information Office, SHAPE, Belgium (Central Europe desk)
1987-1988 Branch Chief "Advertisement and Publicity" for GE Air Force (at GE AF Headquarters, Cologne, Germany)
1988-1990 Branch Chief "Public Relations" for GE Air Force (at GE AF Headquarters, Cologne, Germany)
1990-1992 Staff Officer, Media Relations, in East Germany with emphasis on: - withdrawal of Soviet forces from German soil - Germany's Capital Military District Berlin

Colonel Freytag and his wife Ingrid have one son and one daughter.

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