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Military Representative of the United Kingdom

Lieutenant General Kevin O'Donoghue CBE

2001 -

Lieutenant General Kevin O'Donoghue was commissioned into the Royal Engineers in 1968 on a TA commission while at the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology. In 1971, after both gaining a 1st class honours degree and spending some 2 years as a troop commander in 75 Engr Regt(V), he converted to a Regular Commission joining 23 Engr Regt in BAOR for 2 years which included a tour in Northern Ireland in the Engineer Role. In 1974 he was posted to 21 Engr Regt as Adjutant.

In 1976 he moved to RMAS as a Company Instructor. He then attended the Canadian Forces Command and Staff Course in Toronto before being posted to MOD as a Major in MO(ROW). In May 1980 he was appointed MA2 to CGS and in February 1982 assumed command of 4 Fd Sqn supporting 7 Armd Bde. He was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel in January 1984 and spent the next 2 years as a DS at Camberley.

In April 1986 he took command of 25 Engr Regt in BAOR, a Corps Engineer Regt in 1(BR) Corps. His two years in Command included a 6 months deployment of the Regiment to the Falkland Islands. He was promoted to Colonel and posted as DACOS G3(O&D) HQ UKLF, in April 1988. He attended the Higher Command and Staff Course in 1990. In November 1990 he was promoted to Brigadier, and assumed the appointment of Commander Corps Royal Engineers 1(BR) Corps and Commander Hameln Garrison, and in October 1992 also assumed the appointment of Chief Engineer ACE Rapid Reaction Corps.

In February 1993 he attended the NATO Defence College in Rome, before moving in April 1993 to SHAPE to take up the appointment of the Director of Staff Operations (DOSO). He was promoted to the rank of Major General on 22 April 1996 on appointment as Chief of Staff, Headquarters Quartermaster General. Lieutenant General O'Donoghue completed this appointment and moved to the Ministry of Defence in London in February 1999 to become the Assistant Chief of the General Staff. He was promoted to Lieutenant General in April 2001 and assumed the appointment of United Kingdom Military Representative to NATO, the EU and WEU in May 2001.

Lieutenant General O'Donoghue is married with 3 daughters.

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