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Military Representative of Romania to NATO

Lt Gen Contstantin D. Gheorghe

2003 -

Lieutenant General Constantin D. GHEORGHE (DOB – February 23, 1947, Izvoarele village, Giurgiu County, Romania) was commissioned as officer in December 1969 after graduating the Air Force Academy and earned his fighter pilot wings the same year. He flew more than 2,500 flight hours on combat aircraft and helicopters, receiving all qualifications as fighter pilot. From 1969 he worked as fighter pilot, senior pilot, and fighter patrol leader. Following the graduation of the Higher Military Studies Academy in 1977, he was assigned in all command and staff positions, starting at squadron level up to the Air Force Corps Commander (position held between 1997 – 2000).

Starting May 1st, 2000 General Gheorghe was assigned as Deputy Chief of General Staff for Operations, and the following year he worked as Deputy Chief of General Staff for Resources. He was deeply involved within the process of new structure implementation and military structure efforts towards NATO membership. On January 1st, 2002 he was promoted Lieutenant General and on 1st of August 2003 he was appointed to this current position.

General Gheorghe is married to Elena since 1968. They have a daughter and two sons. General’s main hobby is painting.

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