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Presidents and Deans

of the NATO Military Committee 1

Dean of the Military Representatives will be the officer who has served for the longest period as Milrep. If any nation does not wish to accept the Deanship, it will pass to the Milrep who has held that office for the next longest period of time. No Dean will serve for more than one year, nor will any officer serve more than once as Dean.

Dean of the Military Representatives
1963-1964 Air Chief Marshal Frank R. Miller (Canada)
1964-1965 General Kurt Ramberg (Denmark)
1965-1966 General Charles Ailleret (France)
1966-1967 General Ulrich de Maizire (Germany)
1967 Vice Admiral Spyros Avgheris (Greece)
1967-1968 Lt. General Odysseus Angelis (Greece)
1968-1969 General Guido Vedovato (Italy)
1969-1970 Admiral H.M. van den Wall Bake (Netherlands)
1970-1971 Admiral F.H. Johannessen (Norway)
1971-1972 General Venancio Deslandes (Portugal)
1972 General Menduch Tagmach (Turkey)
1972-1973 General Faruk Gler (Turkey)
1972-1973 General Semih Sanar ((Turkey)
1973 Admiral of the Fleet Sir Peter Hill-Norton ((United Kingdom)
1973-1974 Field Marshal Sir Michael Carver (United Kingdom)
1974-1975 General George S. Brown (United States)
1975-1976 Lt. General Armand Crekillie (Belgium)
1976-1977 General Jacques Dextraze (Canada)
1977-1978 General Knud Joergensen (Denmark)
1978-1979 General Jrgen Brandt (Germany)
1979-1980 Admiral Giovanni Torrisi (Italy)
1980-1981 General Cornelis de Jager (Netherlands)
1981-1982 General Sverre Hamre (Norway)
1982-1983 General N.V.T. de Melo Edigio (Portugal)
1983-1984 Lt. General D. Alvaro De Lacalle Leloup (Spain)
1984 Admiral Angel Liberal Lucini (Spain)
1984-1985 General Necdet rg (Turkey)
1985 Field Marshal Sir Edwin Bramall (United Kingdom)
1985-1986 Admiral of the Fleet Sir John Fieldhouse (United Kingdom)
1986-1987 Admiral William J. Crowe Jr. (United States)
1987-1988 Lt. General Maurice J.L. Gysemberg (Belgium)
1988-1989 General Paul D. Manson (Canada)
1989 Admiral S. Thiede (Denmark)
1989-1990 General J. Lyng (Denmark)
1990-1991 Admiral D. Wellershoff (Germany)
1991-1992 General I. Verivakis (Greece)
1992-1993 General D. Corcione (Italy)
1993-1994 Col. A. Bruck (Luxembourg)
1994-1995 General H.G.B. van den Breemen (Netherlands)
1995-1996 General A. Solli (Norway)
1996-1997 Admiral A. Fuzeta da Ponte (Portugal)
1997-1998 General S. Valderas (Spain)
1998- 1999 General Huseyin Kivrikoglu (Turkey)
1999- 1999 General Arne Solli (Norway)
1999-2001 V/Adm. W. Herteleer (Belgium)
2001 Lt. Gen. A.J.G.M. Blomjous, RNLA (Netherlands)
June 2001- June 2002 Vice Admiral J.A. King, CANA (Canada)
June 2002- Lt. Gen. O. Feliu, SPAR (Spain)
June 2003- Lt. Gen. Klaus Olshausen (Germany)
July 2004 - Lt. Gen. Christos Athanasiou (Greece)
July 2005 - VAdm Eivind Hauger-Johannessen (Norway)
July 2006 - VAdm Glenn Davidson (Canada)
July 2007 - Brig. Gen. Edvardas Mazeikis (Lithuania)

  1. On December 11, 1963, the Council approved the introduction of a President of the Military Committee, rotating annually among the nations. 1999 the name of the position was changed to "Dean".