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24 Feb. 1998

Minister for Foreign Affairs and
External Trade of Iceland

Halldor Asgrimsson

1995 - 2004

Born 8 September 1947


1965 Graduated from the Co-operative College of Iceland.
1970 Certified public accountant.
1971-73 Graduate studies at the Bergen and Copenhagen Universities of Commerce.


Certified public accountant.
1973-75 Lecturer at the University of Iceland - faculty of economics and business administration.

Political and Parliamentary activities:

1974-78; 1979- Member of the Alingi (Icelandic Parliament) for the Progressive Party.
1980-94 Vice-Chairman of the Progressive Party.
1994- Chairman of the Progressive Party.
1977-78; 1980-83; 1991- Member of the Icelandic Delegation to the Nordic Council
1991-95 Member of the Presidium of the Nordic Council.
1992-95 Chairman of the Liberal Group of the Nordic Council.
1976-83 Member of the Board of the Central Bank of Iceland.
1980-83 Chairman of the Board of the Central Bank of Iceland.

Ministerial experience:

1983-91 Minister for Fisheries.
1988-89 Minister of Justice and Ecclesiastical Affairs.
1985-87 Minister for Nordic Co-operation.
1995 - Minister for Foreign Affairs and External Trade; and Minister for Nordic Co-operation.

Mr. Ásgrmsson is married to Sigurjóna Sigurdardóttir. They have three daughters.

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