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Principal Officials

at the NATO International Staff

Note: In 2003, NATO's international staff structure was reorganised to better reflect the Alliance's new missions and priorities. For the updated listing, click here.

  Assistant Secretaries General - Political Affairs
1952-1955 Sergio Fenoaltea (Italy)
1955-1956 Guiseppe Cosmelli (Italy)
1956-1958 Alberico Casardi (Italy)
1958-1960 Evelyn Shuckburgh (United Kingdom)
1960-1966 Robin Hooper (United Kingdom)
1966-1969 Joachim Jaenicke (Germany)
1969-1975 Jrg Kastl (Germany)
1975-1978 Ernst E. Jung (Germany)
1978-1981 Hans Christian Lankes (Germany)
1982-1986 Fredo Dannenbring (Germany)
1986-1991 Henning Wegener (Germany)
1991-1997 Gebhardt Von Moltke (Germany)
1997-2001 Klaus-Peter Klaiber (Germany)
2001- Günther Altenburg (Germany)

Assistant Secretaries General - Economic and Financial Affairs
1952-1955 Ren Sergent (France)
1955-1967 Didier Gregh (France)

Assistant Secretaries General - Defence Planning and Operations
1967-1969 Arthur Hockaday (United Kingdom)
1969-1972 Kenneth Nash (United Kingdom)
1972-1976 Colin Humphreys (United Kingdom)
1976-1980 William Mumford (United Kingdom)
1980-1984 David Nicholls (United Kingdom)
1983-1986 James Moray Stewart (United Kingdom)
1986-1988 Michael Bell (United Kingdom)
1988-1993 Michael Legge (United Kingdom)
1993-1999 Anthony Cragg (United Kingdom)
1999-2003 Edgar Buckley (United Kingdom)

Assistant Secretaries General - Production, Logistics and Infrastructure
1952-1953 David Hopkins (United States)
1953-1955 Lowel Heicker (United States)
1956-1957 Murray Mitchell (United States)
1957-1959 Ernest Meili (United States)
1959-1960 Robert Fiske (United States)
1960-1965 Johnson Garrett (United States)
1966-1967 John Beith (United Kingdom)

  Assistant Secretaries General - Defence Support
1967-1973 Arthur Tyler Port (United States)
1973-1976 Gardiner Tucker (United States)
1976-1977 Walter LaBerge (United States)
1977-1980 John Walsh (United States)
1981-1983 Vitalij Garber (United States)
1984-1987 Robin L. Beard (United States)
1987-1990 Mack Francis Mattingly (United States)
1990-1992 Philip Merrill (United States)
1992-1995 Robin Beard (United States)
1995-1999 Norman Ray (United States)
1999- Robert Bell (United States)

Assistant Secretaries General - Infrastructure, Logistics
and Council Operations
1979-1984 David Collins (Canada)
1984-1986 Cornelis De Laat de Kanter (Netherlands)

Assistant Secretaries General - Security Investment,
Logistics and Civil Emergency Planning
1986-1989 Cornelis De Laat de Kanter (Netherlands)
1989-1992 Lawrence E. Davies (Canada)
1992-1998 Herpert Van Foreest (Netherlands)
1998-2001 ivind Bakken (Norway)
2001 Juan Martinez Esparza (Spain)

Assistant Secretaries General - Scientific Affairs
1958-1959 Norman Ramsay (United States)
1959-1960 Frederic Seitz (United States)
1960-1962 William Nierenberg (United States)
1962-1964 William Allis (United States)
1964-1966 John McLucas (United States)
1966-1968 Rudi Schall (Acting) (Germany)
1968-1973 Gunnar Randers (Norway)
1973-1979 Nimet zdas (Turkey)
1980-1983 Robert Chabbal (France)
1983-1988 Henry Durand (France)
1988-1992 Jacques Ducuing (France)
1992-1998 Jean-Marie Cadiou (France)
1998-2001 Yves Sillard (France)
2001- Jean Fournet (France)

Directors of the Private Office of the Secretary General
1952-1953 Peter Scott (Priv. Secr.) (United Kingdom)
1953-1957 Gilles de Boisgelin (Priv. Secr.) (France)
1957-1962 Andr Saint-Mleux (France)
1962-1963 George Vest (United States)
1963-1964 John Getz (United States)
1964-1971 Fausto Bacchetti (Italy)
1971-1984 Paul van Campen (Netherlands)
1984-1986 Brian Fall (United Kingdom)
1986-1987 David Brighty (United Kingdom)
1987-1988 Kevin Tebbit (United Kingdom)
1988-1989 Jrgen Staks (Germany)
1989-1990 James Cunningham (United States)
1990-1993 Roland Wegener (Germany)
1993-1996 Klaus Scharioth (Germany)
1996-1999 Jorge Domecq (Spain)
1999-2001 Desmond Bowen (United Kingdom)
2001- Jonathan Stephen Day (United Kingdom)

  Executive Secretary - Executive Secretariat
1952-1970 Lord Coleridge (United Kingdom)
1970-1973 Kurt Andreae (Germany)
1973-1979 George Sekeris (Greece)
1979-1988 Tugay zceri (Turkey)
1988-1993 Christopher Prebensen (Norway)
1993-2003 Leo Verbruggen (Netherlands)
2003- Bernd Goetze (Canada)

Director - Office of Information and Press
1950-1953 Theodore Newton (Canada)
1953-1954 Robert L. Farquharson (Canada)
1954-1957 Geoffrey Parsons (United States)
1957-1958 Joseph B. Philips (United States)
1958-1962 John McGowan (United States)
1962-1967 R. Adelmann (Germany)
1967-1972 John Price (United Kingdom)
1972-1978 Claus Koren (Norway)
1978-1979 Orla Mller (Denmark)
1979-1983 Armin Halle (Germany)
1983-1987 Wilfried Hofmann (Germany)
1987-1990 William Young (Canada)
1990-1994 Erick V.C. Bruce (Canada)
1994-1997 Christopher Prebensen (Norway)
1997-2000 Peter Daniel (Canada)
2000- Jamie Shea (United Kingdom)

NATO Spokesman
1966-1969 Rudolf Pekelharing (Netherlands)
1969-1974 Arie De Vries (Netherlands)
1974-1979 David Kydd (United Kingdom)
1979-1984 Nuno Antas De Campos (Portugal)
1985-1990 Robin Stafford (United Kingdom)
1991-1993 Gerd Westdickenberg (Germany)
1993-2000 Jamie Shea (United Kingdom)
2001-2003 Yves Brodeur (Canada)

Special Advisor for Central and Eastern European Affairs
1989-2003 Chris Donnelly (United Kingdom)

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