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Assistant Secretary General
for Political Affairs

Amb. Dr. Klaus-Peter Klaiber

1997 - 2001

Ambassador Dr. Klaus-Peter KLAIBER is the NATO Assistant Secretary General for Political Affairs. He is responsible for advising the Secretary General of NATO on political issues affecting the security of the Alliance, including relations with non-NATO countries and other international organisations, chairing the meetings of Senior Political Advisers of the Allied Delegations, and directing the Political Affairs Division of the NATO International Staff.

Ambassador Klaiber has a long and distinguished record of public service in the Foreign Ministry of the Federal Republic of Germany. He has focused his career mainly on security policy issues, particularly Germany's policy towards NATO, the European Union, the Western European Union and the OSCE.

Before joining NATO, he was Head of the Policy Planning Division of the German Foreign Ministry (1995-1997); Deputy Political Director of the Foreign Office and Head of the Ministry's Security Policy Sub-Division (1992-1995); Minister-Counsellor (Political Affairs) at the German Embassy in London (1988-1991); Deputy Director of the Private Office of Hans-Dietrich Genscher, Minister of Foreign Affairs (1985-1987).

Ambassador Klaiber began his career in 1971 as Third Secretary at the German Embassy in Kinshasa, Zaire. Subsequently, he became Deputy Head of the Trainee Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; First Secretary (Political Affairs) at the German Embassy in Washington, D.C.; Deputy Head of Mission at the German Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya; and Deputy Head of European Political Co-operation in the Foreign Ministry.

Ambassador Klaiber received his undergraduate law degree from Tübingen University and his PhD (Law) from Mainz University. He also studied economics and history at the University Institute of International Studies, Geneva, Switzerland.

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