Updated: 8 September 2000 Who is who at NATO?
Sept. 1998

Assistant Secretary General
for Defence Planning and Operations

Anthony J. Cragg

1993 - 1999

Mr. Anthony Cragg has been Assistant Secretary for Defence Planning and Operations in the International Staff since September 1993. He has special responsibility for developing NATO policy on Partnership for Peace, the European Security and Defence Identity integrated capability planning and political-military aspects of operational planning including the Stabilisation Force (SFOR) in Bosnia.

He was educated at Hastings Grammar School and Oxford University. He joined the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence in 1966. Following a spell in the Central Policy Division for the Mediterranean and Middle East, he became Assistant Private secretary to the Secretary of State for Defence in 1974. He was seconded to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in 1977 for service with the United Kingdom Delegation to NATO in Brussels, where he concentrated on intra-European and transatlantic relations. On his return to London, he became Head of the Navy's Policy and Resources Division.

In 1983, he was posted to Cyprus to lead the political and civil secretariat of the UK's Sovereign Base Areas. He returned to London in 1985 and attended the Royal College of Defence Studies in 1988. In 1991 he became responsible for policy on the organization of the Ministry of Defence with special responsibility for advising Defence Ministries of former Warsaw Pact Countries on structural issues.

Mr. Cragg is married. His wife, Jeanette, is a freelance management consultant and they have two daughters, Alexandra aged 21 and Susannah aged 16.

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