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Prime Minister of Greece

Constantine Simitis

1996 -

Personal Information

Born in Athens on 23.6.1936

George Simitis
Attorney, Professor at the School of Economic and Commercial Sciences

Fani, maiden name Chistopoulos

Daphne, maiden name Arkadiou.
Two children
Fiona and Marilena


  • Law and Economics, University of Marburg (Federal Republic of Germany) 1954-1959

  • Doctor Juris (PhD), University of Marburg, 1959

  • London School of Economics (United Kingdom) 1961-1963

Academic Career

  • Reader (Assistant Professor) at the University of Konstanz (Germany) 1971

  • Full Professor of Commercial Law and Civil Law at the Justus Liebig University (Giessen) 1971-1975

  • Full Professor of Commercial Law at the Pantios University of Political Sciences, since 1977

  • Attorney, since 1961

Law-Books in Greek

  • The Patent right 1967

  • The Fiction Pledge 1967

Books in German

  • Gute Sitten und Ordre Public (Good morals and Public Order) 1959

  • Verbraucherschutz, Schlogwort order Rechsprinzip (The protection of the consumer) 1976


Numerous articles published in Law Reviews, in Greek, German and English

Political Activity

Co-founder of the Alexandros Papanastasiou Society (Society for Politcial research and studies)

Clandestine action against the Junta. He avoids arrest by escaping abroad. He is committed to trial in a Court-Martial. His wife is arrested by the dictatorship and kept in isolation.

Member of the National Council of the Panhellenic Liberation Movement. (P.A.K.)

Stay in Germany and participation in public meetings held against the dictatorship. Radiobroadcasts, lectures, articles, etc.

Founding member of P.A.S.O.K. (Panhellenic Socialist Movement)
Member of the Central Committee and the Executive Committee of P.A.S.O.K.

October 1981-1985
Minister of Agriculture

June 1985 - October 1987
Minister of National Economy

1985 - Elections
Member of Parliament for the district of Piraeus

June 1989 - Elections
Member of Parliament for Piraeus

November 1989 - Elections
Member of Parliament for Piraeus

June 1989 - November 1989
Minister of Education

April 1990 - Elections
Member of Parliament for Piraeus

October 1993 - Elections
13.10.1993 - Minister of Industry, Energy, Technology & Commerce

January 22nd, 1996
Prime Minister
elected by the Members of Parliament of PASOK

June 30th, 1996
President of PASOK

September 22nd, 1996
Elected Prime Minister of the Hellenic Republic
In general elections as the Leader of the winning party - PASOK

Books in Greek

  • The Structural Opposition 1979

  • Politics, Government, Law 1981

  • Development and Modernisation of the Greek Society 1989

  • Policy for Economics Stabilisation 1989

  • Populism and Politics 1989

  • Proposal for a change of direction in politics 1992

  • Nationalistic populism or national strategy? 1992

  • Let's try united 1994
    Reflections on the third Conference of P.A.S.O.K.

  • For a vigorous society. For a vigorous Greece 1995

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