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Sept. 1998

Chief of Defence of the Netherlands

Admiral L. Kroon

1998 -

Admiral Luuk Kroon was born in December 1942 in Ridderkerk, the Netherlands. After completing his secondary education, he joined the Royal Netherlands Navy as a midshipman in 1961. In 1964 his first appointment was in the destroyer 'HNLMS Amsterdam'. In 1967 he served six months in the destroyer 'USS Zellars' under a naval exchange programme.

From 1968 onwards he was in command of several inshore and costal minesweepers. From 1972 to 1975 he worked in the Directorate Material at the Ministry of Defence, The Hague. This was followed by two years as Commanding Officer of the minehunter 'HNLMS Staphorst'.

In 1978 he returned to The Hague as Staff Officer Minewarfare at Naval Headquarters. He went back to sea in 1981 as Commanding Officer of the corvette 'HNLMS Jaguar'.

In December 1982 he took command of the S-class-frigate 'HNLMS Callenburgh' until October 1984.

Following this assignement he was transferred to the Defence Staff in The Hague and became the naval staff planner of the Chief of the Defence Staff. Promoted to Commodore in October 1989 he returned to the Naval Staff as Deputy Chief of the Naval Staff (Plans).

In july 1992 he was promoted to Rear Admiral upon assuming command of the Netherlands Task Group.

In September 1993 he was promoted to Vice Admiral and was assigned as Admiral Netherlands Fleet, Commander Maritime Forces BENENORTHWEST and Admiral BENELUX.

From September 1995 to June 1998 he was Commander-in-Chief Royal Netherlands Navy.

In June 1998 he was promoted to Admiral and was assigned as Chief Netherlands Defence Staff.

Admiral Kroon is married and lives with his wife Annie in The Hague.

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