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Chief of Defence of Luxemburg

LTC Guy Lenz

1998 - 2002

Guy LENZ was born on January 28th, 1946 at PETANGE (LUXEMBOURG) in a miners family. After highschool graduation in 1965 he attended the university at LIEGE (BE). In 1966 he volunteered as an army officer's cadet and entered the French Military Academy of St Cyr. In 1969 after graduation from the French Infantry School at MONTPELLIER, he was assigned to the Military Training Center (MTC) at DEKIRCH (LU) as a platoon leader.

From 1969 to 1990, at the MTC and as an officer of the LU AMF(L) contingent he went through the following assignments: Rifle platoon leader, basic training platoon leader, anti-tank (TOW) platoon leader, infantry company commander, HQ company commander, Bn personnel officer (Sl), Bn operations and training officer (S3) and finally deputy commander of the MTC.

During those years his training and education were improved by the following courses:

TOW weapon system course in Germany (Bundeswehr)
Company commander course at the Belgian Infantry School at Arlon
Bn staff course at the same school
"Armed Forces Staff College" at Norfolk, Virginia, USA

After graduation in December 1990 as a CFE inspector from a Belgian course and the CFE course at the NATO school at Oberammergau, he was appointed head of his army's verification organization called GIVO (Groupe Inspections, Verifications et Observations) and assigned to the Army HQ in Luxembourg City.

In May 91, as CFE took time to enter into force, he joined operation "Provide Comfort" as mission commander for a Luxembourg contingent in Turkey and Iraq.

Since August 1st, 1993, LTC LENZ is the Military Advisor to his delegation at NATO and National Military Representative at SHAPE.

On 21 February 1995, he took over the position of Luxembourg's Permanent Representative to the Military Committee at NATO and Military Delegate to the WEU.

On 2 July 1998, he was promoted to Colonel and entrusted the function of Chief of Staff of the Luxembourg Army.

Guy LENZ is married to Liliane WETZ since 1970. In 1971, twin daughters Isabelle and Vronique were born.

Colonel Guy LENZ holds the following decorations:


  • Commander in the Order of Merit Cross for 25 years of service
  • Knight in the Order of civil and military Merit of Adolphe de Nassau
  • Commander in the "Ordre de la Couronne de Chne"
  • Knight of the Order d' Orange de Nassau (NL)
  • The Meritorious Service Medal. (US)

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