Chief of Defense Staff of Italy

General Vincenzo Camporini

2008 -

Born in 1946, General Camporini joined the Air Force Academy in 1965 where graduated in 1969.

He served mainly as a F-104 RECCE pilot with the 3rd Wing in Villafranca (Verona) where he commanded the 28th Squadron right after the graduation at the NATO Defence College in 1977 with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

After graduating at the ITAF Air War College in 1982 he served as Staff Officer at the Personnel Division of the Air Staff. From 1983 to 1985 he was Aide-de Camp to the Chief of Staff and with the rank of Colonel (1985) he served in the office in charge for new weapons systems development.

In 1988 he commanded the Air Force Flight Test Centre and represented Italy to the Aerospace Application Study Committee of AGARD. Back to the Air Force Staff, he was Chief of "New Weapon Systems Technical Development" Office, including EFA, and was Italian Representative in the NAEW program. On January 1st 1993, as Brigadier General, was posted as Head of Division "Plans, Operations and Training" and from April 1996 was Inspector of the Aviation for the Navy.

From November 1997, already ranked Major General, he directed the Inspectorate for Flight Safety until November 1998 when was designated as Head of Division "Military Policy and Planning" of the Defence General Staff. On April 20th 2001, with the rank of Lt. General, took up the position of Deputy Chief of Defence General Staff until February 2004 when was designated as President of the Italian Centre for High Defence Studies.

From September 20th 2006 to January 29th 2008 he was appointed Chief of Staff of the Italian Air Force.

On February 12nd 2008 General Camporini was appointed as Chief of Defence General Staff.
General Camporini is a combat pilot with experience on 24 different aircraft including F-104, Tornado, AMX, heavy transport aircraft and helicopters.

As of December 2006 he flew more then 2.600 hours.

He earned University degrees in Aeronautical Sciences and International and Diplomatic Sciences.

He is a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society.

His awards and decorations include Grand Knight's Cross of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic, Gold Medal for Flying Merit, Command Gold Medal, Gold Cross for Military Service, Italian Defence General Staff Medal of Honour, Commandeur of the Order of Merit of the French Republic, Santos Dumont Medal to the Merit of the Republic of Brazil, Diploma Paul Tissandier awarded by the Federation Aeronatique International.