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Chief Hellenic National Defense General Staff

Gen. Athansios Tzoganis

1996 - 2002

Date & Place of Birth:
15 July 1939 - Skourto Village of Aitoloakarnania

Years of Commissioned Service:
Over 37

Present Assignment:
Chief Hellenic National Defense General Staff (since February 1996)

Military Schools:
Hellenic Air Force Academy (1962 Graduate)
Forward Air Controller Training School
Air Force Staff Officers School
Air Force War College

Chronological List of Promotions
Second Lieutenant 1962
Lieutenant 1965
Captain 1968
Major 1973
Lieutenant Colonel 1977
Colonel 1983
Brigadier General 1986
Major General 1988
Lieutenant General 1989
General 1996

Previous Main Assignments
Fighter Squadron Pilot
Instructor Pilot
Transport Aircraft Flight Commander
VIP Aircraft Flight Commander
Hellenic Air Force Academy Staff Officer
Aide - de - Camp Hellenic MOD
Consultant to the Hellenic Permanent Representative to NATO, Brussels
Director, HAFGS Military Personal Directorate
Director, HAFGS /B', Branch
Commander, 112 Combat Wing
Chief of Staff, HTAF
Commander, Air Support Command
Chief Hellenic Air Force General Staff
Chief Hellenic National Defense General Staff

Pilot Experience
General Athanasios Tzoganis has served as pilot in jet Fighter Aircraft Squadrons and Transport Aircraft Squadrons for a total of approximately 18 years, completing about 6,500 flying hours.

Military Decorations
Knight Commander of the Order of Honor
Knight Commander of the Order of Phoenix
Commander of the Order of Honor
Gold Cross of the Order of Phoenix
Medal of Military Merit
Star of Merit and Honor
Medal of Merit and Honor
Formation Command Medal (1st Class)
Meritorious Command Medal (1st Class)
Staff Officer Service Commendation Medal
Chief of HAFGS Commendation Medal
Chief of HNDGS Commendation Medal

General Athanasios Tzoganis is married to Irene Gazis and they have two daughters, Hariklia, 30 years old who is married to Dimitrios Lambrou and Aspasia, 25 years old.

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