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March 1998

Chief of Staff of France

Gnral d'Arme Jean-Philippe Douin

1995 - 1998

Ecole de l'air 1961-1963
Ecole suprieur de guerre arienne 1981-1982
Centre des hautes tudes militaires 1987-1988

2nd Lieutenant 01.09.1962
1st Lieutenant 01.10.1964
Captain 01.01.1968
Major 01.08.1974
Lieutenant Colonel 01.08.1978
Colonel 01.12.1982
Major Gnral 01.02.1991
Lieutenant Gnral 01.08.1992
Gnral 01.07.1994

Major Awards:
Commander of the Legion of Honor
Commander of the National Order of Merit
Aeronautics Medal
Saudi Arabia Service Medal
Kuwait Campaign Service Medal
Commander of the Legion of Merit (USA)
Commander of the German Republic Order of Merit
Grand officer with Merit swords of the Sovereign Order of Malt
Commemorative Medal of the 50th anniversary of the National Slovak uprising
Jordanian medal of National Order of Merit (1st class)
Commander of the Prince Abdul Aziz Order (2nd degree)
Grand Officer of the Mono Order (Togo)
Commander of the National Order of Merit (Benin)
Commander of the National Order of Lion (Senegal)
Grand officer of the Royal Swedish Order of the Polar Star
Commander of the National Order of the Great Djibouti Star

Flying Experience
5223 Flying Hours (Mirage 2000, Mirage F1, Mirage III, F84F and more)

General DOUIN was born in Saint-Florentin (Indre) on April 8, 1940. He entered the "Ecole de l'air" on September 21, 1961. On completion of his initial an advanced flying training he was awarded his wings at Tours Air Force Base in 1984. He was initially posted to Squadron 2/4 "Lafayette" (F84F) at Luxeuil Air Force Base, then to Squadron 1/2 "Cigogne" (Mirage IIIC) at Dijon Air Force Base from 1966 and qualified as flight leader in 1969 with Mirage IIIC. There, he was awarded the Aeronautics Medal for his contribution to the theory of air to air combat. He moved to Mont-de-Marsan Air Force Base in 1972 and joined the operational evaluation team of the latest air defense fighter Mirage F1C. Two year later, he was given command of squadron 2/30 "Normandie-Nimen" posted at Reims Air Force Base, and then look over 5th Fighter Wing at Orange Air Force Base in 1976.

After graduation from the "Ecole Suprieure de Guerre Arienne" in 1982, he was promoted to Colonel and posted to FATAC/1st Air Region HQ at Metz, as Deputy Chief of Staff, Plans. He was given command of Dijon Air Force Base from 1985 to 1987, and he attended the "Centre des hautes tudes militaires" and "Institut des hautes tudes de dfense nationale" courses in Paris.

In 1988, he was promoted to Brigadier General and served as Head the Air Force Operations Center in Paris. A year later he was posted to the Air Force Staff HQ as Deputy Chief of Staff, Operations.

From 1992 to 1994 he served as Vice Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces and, on July 1st 1994, he was promoted to General and was appointed as Chief of Staff, French Air Force.

On September 9 1995, he was appointed as Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces.

General DOUIN is married to Christiane and they have four children. His grand-father was a navy officer (Naval Academy, class of 1900) and his father was an Army officer (Army Academy, class of 1934).

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