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March 1998

Chief of Defence of Denmark

Gen. Christian Hvidt

1996 -
15th July 1942

Married to Jane Hvidt, both in their second marriage. Christian Hvidt has three children in this first marriage and Jane Hvidt two children.

1962 Lieutenant
1967 First Lieutenant
1969 Captain
1974 Major
1984 Lieutenant Colonel
1987 Colonel
1990 Major General
1994 Lieutenant General
1996 General

1962-1969 Flying Service (F-100 Super Sabre)
1969-1972 Acceptance test pilot on F-35 DRAKEN at SAAB factories, Linkping, Sweden
1972-1974 Deputy Squadron Commander (F-35 DRAKEN)
1975-1979 Branch Chief, Tactical Air Command, Denmark
1979-1983 Squadron Commander, First Danish F-1 squadron, Air Station Skrydstrup
1983-1987 Staff Officer and Branch Chief, Plans and Policy Division, HQ CHODDEN
1987-1988 Commanding Officer, Air Station Karup
1989-1990 Chief of Staff, Tactical Air Command, Denmark
1990-1994 DCOS Plans and Policy and DCOS Operations, Budget and Finance
1994-1996 Permanent Danish Representative to the Military Committee in NATO Headquarters, Bruxelles
1996 Chief of Staff, HQ CHODDEN
1996- Chief of Defence

Commander of the order of Dannebrog
Distinguished Flying Cross
The Danish Air Force Badge of Honour
L'Ordre National de Mrite de la Republique Francaise

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