NATO Information and Documentation Centre (NIDC)

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The NATO Information and Documentation Centre (NIDC) in Kyiv, Ukraine, was the first information office to be established by NATO in a Partner country and open to the general public.

NATO flag flying at NATO Headquarters Brussels.

The NIDC was established in 1997 on the eve of the signing of the NATO-Ukraine Charter on a Distinctive Partnership, which serves as the founding document for the relationship between NATO and Ukraine.

The Centre’s core mission is dedicated to:

  • enhancing general knowledge and understanding in Ukraine about NATO
  • promoting awareness in Ukrainian society at large on the various aspects of NATO-Ukraine cooperation

The following reflect the three key areas of our activity, but are not limited to:


The NIDC provides and shares up-to-date information with all Ukrainian stakeholders on developments in NATO and NATO- Ukraine relations. For news on NATO, please visit the official NATO website at and its Ukrainian language module. There, you can also sign up for a range of e-newsletters and e-publications as well as download video material from NATO Channel TV.

Communications Projects

The NIDC organizes various communications projects, including seminars, video teleconferences, briefings, multimedia projects and interviews aimed at promoting a better understanding on NATO and NATO-Ukraine cooperation. For information on the NIDC and its activities, please visit

The NIDC also awards grants on a regular basis throughout the year to recognized Ukrainian non-governmental organizations for a variety of initiatives and activities related to NATO and/or NATO-Ukraine relations. For more information and/or an application form, please contact the Centre at


In order to bring the diverse aspects of NATO-Ukraine cooperation into public view, the NIDC organizes press tours for local Ukrainian media, arranges speaking tours for NATO representatives through Ukraine and supports visits of NATO dignitaries to Ukraine.

The NIDC also organizes public information visits to NATO headquarters and SHAPE for various Ukrainian stakeholders, including government representatives, students and academics, journalists, the media and civil society representatives. The visits are aimed at providing Ukrainian citizens with the first-hand opportunity to attend briefings given by NATO representatives, ask questions and exchange views.


NATO Information and Documentation Centre
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Office hours:

Monday-Thursday: 09:00 – 17:30
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