What is NATO?

NATO is a political and military alliance of countries from Europe and North America. Its members are committed to protecting each other from any threat.

Support for Ukraine


NATO condemns Russia's war against Ukraine in the strongest terms. The Alliance remains steadfast in its support for Ukraine, helping to uphold its fundamental right to self-defence.



In 2024, NATO is celebrating its 75th anniversary. For more than seven decades, the Alliance has ensured the security of its members and adapted to address new challenges.

NATO Review

Read/listen to personal perspectives, expert opinion, analysis and debate on a broad range of security issues. The views expressed by authors are their own.

    • NATO in the democratic arena 26 Jun. 2024 NATO is “brain dead.” NATO is “obsolete.” NATO is “a relic of the Cold War.” These are the familiar tropes espoused by NATO’s critics who have become drowned out by the Russian onslaught in Ukraine. NATO, however, has responded with a demonstration of unity and resolve capable of redefining the future of the Alliance, if we can bring ourselves to admit an uncomfortable truth: the fight for democracy in the 21st century is an existential one and NATO is an indispensable party to the conflict.
    • Gay man in the British Armed Forces 14 May. 2024 In February 1988, I sat in a plain interrogation room in Portsmouth, England, under arrest. I had been warned that what I said may be used to prosecute me, and my answers were written down word-for-word by a naval policeman.
    • Russia’s hybrid war against the West 26 Apr. 2024 Wars are no longer merely about kinetic operations. This means that it is not just physical warfare, but also non-military strategies and tactics that define modern-day conflicts and wars.