What is NATO?


NATO is a political and military alliance of countries from Europe and North America. Its members are committed to protecting each other from any threat.

Support for Ukraine


NATO condemns Russia's war against Ukraine in the strongest terms. The Alliance remains steadfast in its support for Ukraine, helping to uphold its fundamental right to self-defence.



In 2024, NATO is celebrating its 75th anniversary. For more than seven decades, the Alliance has ensured the security of its members and adapted to address new challenges.

NATO Review

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    • The story of Saint Javelin 22 Feb. 2024 In early February 2022, as the drumbeat of war grew louder and louder, I sat glued to my phone, scrolling social media, and starting to build what would eventually become Saint Javelin. It had been several years since I’d worked as a journalist in Ukraine, but I couldn’t focus on anything besides the impending invasion. As global leaders released waves of intelligence about Putin’s intentions, my mind began to replay key moments that shaped my understanding of Russia’s brutality against Ukraine.
    • Why cognitive superiority is an imperative 06 Feb. 2024 Complacency is a lethal error in strategy making and warfare. As Russia has learned in Ukraine, overestimating your own capabilities and underestimating your enemy can lead to failure. NATO cannot take its own continued strategic success for granted.