• Last updated: 06 Sep. 2021 16:04

NATO Video

NATO produces a variety of videos for the general public and provides broadcast-quality footage of meetings, exercises and other activities, free to download through our Multimedia Portal. Please see below for further details on both of these areas.


NATO on YouTube

A wide selection of NATO videos is available on YouTube. NATO maintains multiple channels with specialised content:

  • NATO Stories – features a variety of stories and animations about NATO operations, military assets and the people who work every day for the Alliance.
  • NATO News - includes speeches and press conferences given by the NATO Secretary General, statements by the Chairman of NATO’s Military Committee and footage from other significant events and ceremonies.
  • NATO History – consists of short documentaries about NATO history and vintage clips produced in NATO’s early years.

NATO also has YouTube channels in other languages, including:


NATO Multimedia portal

The NATO Multimedia portal is a one-stop shop where you can browse, request and download videos from our collection free of charge.

Videos include:

  • B-roll footage from NATO exercises, operations and other activities
  • B-roll footage of VIP visits to NATO, Ministerial meetings and Summits
  • Voiced/edited video packages
  • Animations
  • NATO press conferences and speeches
  • A selection of archival NATO footage from 1984 to present (for any footage from before 1984, please contact the Imperial War Museum)

Requirements for the external use of NATO content

  • No material produced by NATO is to be sold, used for outside advertising or promotional purposes of any kind.
  • All content taken from NATO and republished must be clearly credited or sourced to NATO.
  • Photos, videos and articles are released under the legally recognized terms of "Fair Use" to members of the press, academia, non-profits and the general public.
  • No material is to be used in programs, articles or online publications of any kind that defame NATO or its member countries.
  • Material is provided, free of charge, for use in objective and balanced content, even if at times the end products may be critical of NATO.
  • In instances where a member country is criticized, NATO wishes it to be made known that it does not associate itself with the contents of the article, publication or broadcast.
  • NATO reserves the right to request the removal of NATO copyrighted material from any externally created content.
  • Maps displayed on the NATO website do not imply the expression of any opinion by NATO concerning the legal status or frontiers of any country, territory, or area.