New NATO Headquarters open for media

as of 7 May 2018

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  • Last updated: 08 May. 2018 09:38

First Day at the New NATO Headquarters for NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg


When can I visit the new NATO HQ?

New NATO Headquarters is open for access by media as of 7 May 2018. Journalists holding a 2018 NATO media pass will have access upon presentation of their pass.
In case of NATO events open for press coverage, media not accredited permanently to NATO can ask for ad-hoc accreditation.

Where should I come?

The new NATO HQ is located at the following address:

Boulevard Léopold III
B-1110 Brussels

GPS coordinates: N 50°,52',42.049" (N 50.878437); E 4°,25',46.348" (E 4.429541)

Bus and tram station: Bourget.

Is my 2018 permanent accreditation valid for the new NATO HQ?

Yes, until further notice.

How and when can I get ad hoc accreditation to enter the new Headquarters?

NATO regularly organizes press conferences, meetings at different levels (defence ministers, foreign ministers, etc.). The press is often invited to cover such events. More details about the accreditation procedure are available here.

Has the online accreditation system changed with the move?

The online accreditation system for the media remains unchanged.

Can I go back to the old NATO HQ after 7th May?

Only by invitation. The media centre in the old building is now closed.

Where can I park?

Media can park in the Visitors' parking lot (entrance via Boulevard Leopold III). If that parking lot is full, media can also park in the old building Visitors' parking area.


Where do I work? How do I get there?

The press room is on the first floor of the Public Square (area open for visitors and media). You can get there via the main entrance past the 9/11 and Berlin Wall monuments. Upon arrival at the main gate, you will receive explanation regarding the location of the press room and other media facilities.

What are the facilities available?

  • Press room
  • Press conference room and briefing rooms
  • Area for doorstep
  • 1 TV studio
  • 1 radio studio
  • 10 radio editing booths
  • Stand up location
  • Catering and coffee services open for press

Is there internet connection available?

Wifi internet connection is available throughout the press area. Media representatives will be provided login details when entering the premises.

Is there TV editing space available?

TV editing booths will be made available for NATO special events – summits and ministerial meetings.


Can I film or take pictures from the VIP entrance/Flags?

Yes, upon informing the Press and Media Section at

Where can I record a piece to camera outside? How can I access?

Stand-up positions are available in front of the building, facing the flags. Media representatives can access the doorstep location after informing the Press and Media Section at

How can I book the NATO TV or Radio Studio?

Via the NATO TV & Radio Unit.

Can I bring in a satellite van onto the premises? Where can I place it?

Satellite van access is possible during NATO ministerials and/or special events. Access can be arranged via the NATO TV Unit.


Have contact details for delegations changed because of the move?

No; national delegations have the same contacts

Is the move finished?

The move is ongoing, and it is due to finish by mid-June.

Where can I find pictures/further information about the new Headquarters?

Further information about the new NATO Headquarters can be found here.


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