General  Luís Araújo

Chief of Defence – Portugal

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General Luís Evangelista Esteves de Araújo, Chief of General Staff of the Portuguese Armed Forces

General Luís Araújo was born on the 25 February 1949 in Oporto. In 1966 he joined the Military Academy, having finished the pilot course in 1971.

After a tour of duty in Mozambique between October 1972 and October 1974, where he flew helicopters ALIII, he was posted to Air Base 6 (Montijo), where he was Squadron Commanding Officer for 4 years.

In 1981-1982, he attended the Air Warfare Course at the Air Force Staff College (IAEFA) and the Royal Air Force 75th Advanced Staff Course. From 1983 to 1987 he was a teacher at IAEFA and at the Military Staff College (IAEM).

Between 1987 and March 1990, he was posted to the Operations’ Division at the Air Force Central Staff. After that, he was appointed Air Force Assistant of the Minister of Defence. In 1990-1991 he attended the National Defence Course, in the National Defence Institute (IDN), in Lisbon.

From September 1991 to September 1994 he served in the Operations Division at the Supreme Allied Command Atlantic (SACLANT), in Norfolk – USA and in September 1994 he was appointed Deputy Commanding Officer of Air Base 4 (Lajes - Azores) a position he held for a year.

In March 1996 he was appointed Air Force Advisor to the Presidence of the Republic.

From October 1997 to October 1999 he was Commanding Officer of Air Base 6 (Montijo) and in June 1998 he commanded the Expeditionary Force that withdrew nationals out of Guinea-Bissau.

After attending the Senior Warfare Course at IAEFA in 1999/2000, he was promoted to Major- General (August 2000) and assumed the post of Assistant of the Chief of the Air Force Staff.

Promoted to Lieutenant-General on 08 January 2004 he served as Director of the Portuguese Air Force Staff College until 4 May 2005 when he was nominated Defence Policy Director at the Ministry of Defence.

He was appointed Chief of Staff of the Portuguese Air Force on the 18 December 2006, post he held until 7 February 2011.

On of 7 February 2011, General Luis Araújo became the Chief of Defence.

His military decorations include one War Cross, three Gold and two Silver Medals for Distinguished Services, the Navy Cross, The Gold Medal for Military Value (collective) and the Aeronautical Merit
Cross of Spain.

He is married to Mrs. Maria Manuela Benevides Araújo and has two daughters.