Foreign Ministers endorse new Partnership Policy

  • 15 Apr. 2011 -
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  • Last updated: 18 Apr. 2011 10:02

NATO Foreign Ministers endorsed today a new policy that will make engagement with partners more efficient, more pragmatic and more flexible.

NATO’s new offer to partners will include more political consultation on security issues of common concern, a simpler and more streamlined set of partnership tools offered to all partners and a role for partners in shaping strategy and decisions on operations to which they contribute. The new policy aims to reinforce NATO’s existing partnerships by strengthening consultation mechanisms and by facilitating more substance-driven cooperation with partners across and beyond existing partnership frameworks.

According to the new policy, NATO will develop political dialogue and practical cooperation with any nation across the globe that shares the Alliance’s interest in international peace and security. NATO will also engage with key global actors in a flexible and pragmatic manner.

“Our new policy recognises that in today's world we need cooperative security if we are to accomplish our security tasks.  And to that end we want to reach out to major players across the globe”, the NATO Secretary General said.

The new policy also outlines a  “toolbox” of  mechanisms and activities simplifying the way that NATO develops cooperation offers to partners.