Lieutenant General  M. Veysi Ağar

Military Representative – Turkey

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Ağar, Lieutenant General M. Veysi

Lieutenant General M. Veysi Ağar graduated from the Air Force Academy in 1974. He earned his wings after completing the Pilot School Training in 1976. He also attented the Air Force Staff College between 1981 and 1983 and the Armed Forces College in 1997.

Lieutenant General Ağar served in various operational and staff positions throughout his aviation career.

His numerous assignments include the 8th Main Jet Base Command as fighter pilot, 3rd Main Jet Base Command as Chief, On-the-Job Training Branch and Standardization and Evaluation Officer, the Air Training Command as Pilot Training Plans Officer and the 2 nd Main Jet Base Command’s 121st Squadron as the Operations Officer. He later commanded the 121st Squadron.

In 1992, he was assigned to SHAPE as a Joint Operations Air Plans Officer in the Operations Division. He was assigned as Chief, Officer Assignment Branch at Headquarters, Turkish Air Force Command, Ankara for three years and as the Flight Group Commander at the 2nd Main Jet Bas efor two years.

He was promoted to Brigadier General in 2000 and assigned as Commander, 10th Tanker Air Force Base and as Co-Commander of Combined Task Force (CTF), Operation Northern Watch, İncirlik, Adana from August 2000 through August 2002. Then he was appointed as Chief of Logistic Systems Branch at Headquarters, Turkish Air Force Command, Ankara. He was assigned as Chief of Staff, CC-Air HQ İzmir and promoted to Major General in August 2004.

In August 2007, General Ağar was assigned as the Commander of 2’nd Air Support and Maintenance Center and Garrison of Kayseri.

General Ağar has been promoted to the rank of Lieutenant General as from 30 August 2008 and asssigned as TMR to NATO.

Lt. General Ağar is married to Mrs. Birsen Ağar and has two sons.