Lieutenant General  Jaroslav Kolkus

Military Representative – Czech Republic

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Kolkus, Jaroslav - Jaroslav Kolkus, Military Representative of the Czech Republic

From 1st August 2008 The Czech Republic Military Representative  to NATO and EU

Jaroslav Kolkus was born in Trencianske Teplice in Slovakia on June 28, 1954.

His professional career began in 1977 after graduating from the Military University of Ground Forces in Vyskov. After its completion, he was gradually appointed School Platoon Leader, Company Commander and School Grade Leader in Vyskov.

During 1982-1985, he took postgraduate degree at the Military Academy in Brno. On graduation, he served as Chief of Staff of the 1st Armoured Regiment in Strasice.

In 1987, he attended the Advanced Academic Course for motorized rifle regiment commanders in the USSR. After completion, he served as Commander of the 12th Armoured Regiment in Podborany; Deputy Commander of the 3rd Mechanized Division and Deputy Commander of the 7th Mechanized Brigade, both in Kromeriz. In 1996, he became Chief of Troops Training Administration of the 2nd Army Corps in Olomouc.

From 1997 to 1998, he attended the Advanced Academic Course of the General Staff and was appointed Chief of Army Combat Training Department. In 1999, he served as Chief of Staff of the 1st Mechanized Division. During 2000-2001, he studied at the NATO Defence College in Rome, Italy. In 2002, he was sent out to SFOR operation in former Yugoslavia where he served as Chief National Representative of the Army of the Czech Republic in SFOR operation. From December 16, 2002, he served as Chief of Operations Section at the General Staff till May 1, 2003 when the Defence Minister appointed him to the position of  1st Deputy Chief of Defence.

The President of the Czech Republic appointed him to the current general’s rank on October 28, 2006.

Jaroslav Kolkus holds a variety of decorations, such as the Lone Star Distinguished Servise Medal of the State of Texas, the Cross of Merit of the Czech Defence Minister – Grade III, II, I, the Medal for Service for Nation, the Medal for Merit in Defence of Nation, the Medal for Merit in the Czechoslovak People’s Army – Grade I, the Medal of the Army of the Czech Republic – Grade III, the NATO Medal for Service for Peace and Freedom, the Medal for Foreign Service, the Honorary Remembrance Badge for 50 years of NATO, the Army of the Czech Republic Commemorative Badge of Premysl Otakar II, Iron and Golden King.

Jaroslav Kolkus is married to Eva and they have sons Martin and Tomas.
His hobbies include sports and cars.