Ambassador Thrasyvoulos Terry Stamatopoulos

Assistant Secretary General for Political Affairs and Security Policy

  • Last updated: 02 Oct. 2014 15:01

Ambassador Thrasyvoulos Terry Stamatopoulos is NATO’s Assistant Secretary General for Political Affairs and Security Policy. He is responsible for advising the Secretary General on political issues affecting the security of the Alliance, including NATO’s partnership relations and its interaction with other international organisations; chairing the meetings of Senior Political Advisers of the Allied Delegations at NATO Headquarters; and directing the Political Affairs and Security Policy Division of the NATO International Staff.


Ambassador Stamatopoulos has attended Aristotle University in Thessaloniki, the London School of Economics, McGill University and Georgia State University.  He entered the Greek Foreign Service in 1979 and has a distinguished record of public service.  Among other posts, he served as Consul General in Alexandria, Head of the External Affairs Section of the Permanent Representation of Greece to the European Union, Director General for European Union Affairs at the Foreign Ministry in Athens, and Ambassador to Bulgaria, just prior to taking up his current position at NATO in September 2013.

Ambassador Stamatopoulos has extensive NATO experience, having served as Minister Plenipotentiary in the Greek Delegation to NATO from 2000 to 2004, and Greece’s Ambassador and Permanent Representative on the North Atlantic Council from 2007 to 2012.  He has been particularly closely involved in the development of the new Strategic Concept and NATO’s partnership policy, and worked intimately with colleagues from the region in the context of NATO’s 2011 operation to protect the people of Libya.

Ambassador Stamatopoulos is married and has two sons and a daughter.